Best Boxing Gyms in the World | Most Famous Boxing Gyms in the World

Now there are many best gyms in the world that are equipped with various outstanding facilities. Like steam rooms, pool tennis courts, celebrity trainers, and more. These gyms provide their members with personal fitness trainers who will guide them in a perfect way and help them get their desired results in less time.

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 Best Boxing Gyms in the World

The best top 10 boxing gyms in the world are discussed in detail below, out of which any one of them can be the best gym for you.

The Harbour Gym-Best Boxing Gym in the World

Harbor Gym We start our list with Harbor Gym located in London and considered to be the most popular. The luxurious gyms in the city are definitely some high praises around. All the celebrities are regular customers of this gym and have taken annual memberships to exercise here. Harbor Gym's annual charges are estimated to be $20,000. The famous Princess Diana was also their regular customer and enjoyed their luxurious facilities well.

This gym has various facilities like a court spa clinic, waterfall, and swimming pool, it is a huge gym.

Tiger Muay Thai Gym-Best Boxing Gym in the World

Tiger Muay Thai Gym is the best gym located in Thailand and has made it to the best list. First, let's talk about the membership fee Tiger Muay membership can cost up to $50,000. It is considered one of the best of the best gyms in the world.

In this best gym, you can get several facilities and use fitness equipment like sledgehammers truck tires heavy bags yoga, and strength training equipment you will find in this gym.

E at Equinox-Best Boxing Gyms in the World

Equinox's New York-based gym is considered one of the world's best gyms located in the United States. Its annual charge is &21,000. This gym was established in 2004 with its services including unlimited training with a personal trainer and the services here are completely luxurious and unmatched. It also offers additional facilities including a personal service to equinox is considered one of the best gym gems in the world due to its environment and facilities.

Virgin Active: Tanjong Pager-Best Boxing Gyms in the World

As a member of the Virgin Actives Tanjong Pager branch, Virgin Actives clubs can be found in almost all major cities around the world. Guests receive full access and use of the club's state-of-the-art gym equipment and more than 200 group classes a week inside the facility. Guests can train in the hypoxic training room which is capable of simulating conditions up to 9800 feet above sea level which is amazing for a less intensive experience. You can always dive into the hotel's outdoor infinity pool as a member of this gym. You are also located around the world including South Africa England Italy Austral All other virgins get unlimited access to active clubs.

Barry’s Bootcamp-Best Boxing Gym in the World

Berry Boot Camp is located in Venice California. Its Venice location is a short walk from the famous Venice Boardwalk. This luxury gym stands out because of its vast list of facilities. Fully furnished with plenty of toiletries and a first-of-its-kind stretch lounge offers more space to work through tight muscles before and after workouts. Classes are offered here day and night so now there is no excuse to miss a workout.

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Gold’s Gym-Best Boxing Gym in the World

Gold's Gym is considered one of the best gyms based on reviews taken from clients in the United States. The latest fitness facilities for its members include cardio equipment spinning machines and resistance machines as well as highly experienced instructors at Sonar Gym It also offers many different packages so that members can choose according to their budget requirements but can charge up to around &10,000.

The Houstonian-Best Boxing Gym in the World

Houstonian is a famous fitness center that is considered perfect for professional athletes. The gym offers around 150 classes a week and claims it can get your body in great shape. Annual charges for Houstonians are up to $3,100. It also offers a swimming pool indoor driving range facilities and all the machines used by professional sportsmen. The gym is famous for training world-famous football players. If you are a football fan then you know which gym is best for you.

Sitaras-Best Boxing Gyms in the World

Sitara's Fitness is a state-of-the-art private gym in New York City founded by John Cetares, driven by great results. It has the world's first digital fitness tracking room where members are assessed on their energy flexibility, cardiovascular health, and more. A 3000-square-foot landscaped terrace is located above and perfect for spring and summer outdoor workouts. Because the club is quite exclusive and only allows a maximum of 200 members at a time. It expects members to commit to going to the gym at least twice a week and the gym does a rigorous background check before accepting new members.

The Zenergy-Best Boxing Gym in the World

It doesn't get more exclusive and the best gym than Xenergy. If you ever find yourself in Sun Valley, Idaho, make sure to take some time to exercise at Xenergy. This outstanding gym offers over 85 group classes a week including cycling pilates and sports conditioning. You can swim a few laps in the 25-meter indoor and outdoor heated saltwater pools and then relax in their huge hot tub overlooking the serene Idaho landscape. If you prefer one-on-one sessions, you can also participate in Zynergy's Pivot Training.

BXR-Best Boxing Gyms in the World

Rounding up our list we come full circle with another London gym where boxing is the main discipline. The gym studied and offered at BXR in London offers guests much more than a primer on BXR extensive jabs and through one-on-one sessions or group classes. Guests and members can undergo clinical treatments at the gym and receive free valuable nutritional advice. BXR is definitely not left out of the best gym. It's quite luxurious and while you're building some muscle on the BXR you might even run into world champion boxer Anthony Joshua or the plethora of Victoria's Secret models known as BXR.

best boxing gyms in the world, best boxing gyms in europe, best professional boxing gyms, best boxing gyms in usa, boxing gyms near me, best boxing gyms in california, best boxing trainers
 Best Boxing Gyms in the World

Bottom Line

The list of the best boxing gyms in the world as you can see, they are not just known for their outstanding facilities but also the expertise of their fitness experts. It’s no secret that boxing can be a tough sport. If you are looking for the best boxing gym in the world and don’t want to spend much time searching, check out our list above. You will find only the best facilities in these gyms that cater to your fitness and lifestyle needs.

Hope these 10 best gyms have struck a chord with you. Now which one you think is best for you is your personal matter, but I would suggest you select the best gym near you.

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